Mario VS Sonic | Why Mario Will Always Lose The Battle

In the world of video games, there are some characters that are immediately recognizable.

And which is your favorite?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if two of the most legendary game characters in history collided?

It’s a question every user has: What if Mario and Sonic, who constantly save the world from total destruction, actually fought each other?

First off, there’s nothing better than two popular characters competing in a fun competition! But who will win? Is it Mario or Sonic?

Mario and Sonic represent truly different types of heroes, with different motives, and different ideals. When pitted against one another, they make for an interesting contrast not often seen in the gaming world.

So let's take a look at them "in action".

Let's Put the Laws of Physics into Question

Mario is slower and less able to pull off combos than Sonic. The reason for this is that Sonic is just faster and more able to pull off insane combo maneuvers than Mario is. Sonic can travel at supersonic speeds, as his name suggests.

It's tough to say whether Mario or Sonic can jump higher. Sonic is noted for leaping higher with the use of springs and bouncy balls, and can jump higher in general. Mario uses Launch Stars to travel to distant planets in a single jump in Super Mario Galaxy, however he relies on his wall-jump and triple-jump to attain any significant altitude. Sonic the Hedgehog wins this category as the character who can jump higher without any equipment.

Because both games are famed for their power-ups, it's obvious right away that Mario has more. With power-ups like the Invincibility Leaf, Hammer Suit, Metal Mario, Invisibility Hat, and Gold Flower, Mario has a huge advantage over his opponent. Sonic the Hedgehog, on the other hand, possesses the Invincibility Stars, Power Sneakers, and Blue Shield. Both characters have powerful power-ups, but Mario has the slight advantage.

Mario has the ability to launch scalding fireballs at his foes. Mario may normally only use his fireball technique after obtaining a Fire Flower. Mario, on the other hand, can shoot fireballs at any time in Super Smash Bros. Sonic would undoubtedly face difficulties as a result of this ability.

Mario Vs Sonic

Mario lifted Bowser in Super Mario 64 and continued to fling him onto active mines. Bowser is around the same size and weight as an elephant, if not more so. Sonic the Hedgehog is a slim character who can break through walls at breakneck speed yet couldn't beat Mario in an arm wrestling match.

The Winner is Sonic !

They’re really good friends, but sometimes they fight like crazy!

That’s a very tough fight ! Come on guys stop that & let's come to a conclusion.

Mario is a humble Italian plumber who we've learned to adore over the years, but he can't compete with Sonic's insane speed, which has been demonstrated in several games to be faster than the speed of light.

Mario would have no trouble defeating Sonic. This is dependent on his power-ups, elemental power, and teammates, whereas Sonic doesn't require anything other than his blazing speed.

Now share your point of view in the comments section ! Whom do you want to win?

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