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Jump On


Jump On is a recreation of the old classic game bounce, but with a new level of thrills. Bounce is ready to fight the evil cookies who are trying to impart negative habits in people by encouraging them to eat more chocolates and candies than natural foods. Now, in this supersonic battle, jump and her power ball buddies are taking on this evil and creating a new legend.

Jump On Game
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Feed the Cat Game

Feed the Cat


This chubby feline is always hungry! In this insanely beautiful game, help Jon uncover amazing meals from all over the world. Unlock weapons such as cutlery and bowie knives that can be used to slice and smash meals, lasagna, seafood, and more!

From the first moment you see this hefty kitty, you'll be smitten. He only wants the food and will go to any length to acquire them.

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Ripple Delete Game

Ripple Delete


Ripple Delete is a new strategy game with added features. There are no longer any significant installation wait times; simply combine the two and the upgrade will be completed instantly! Recruit Heroic Warriors to defend and fight the soldiers stationed on land, sea, and air! Equip heroes and troops with unique talents and equipment to lead all three armies to immortality.

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